Support for effective MS fatigue management

Fatigue is the most disabling, invisible multiple sclerosis symptom which is experienced by majority of MS patients and it affects all spheres of their lives.  MS Energise uses clinically proven approach to help MS patients to maximise their energy.  

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Behaviour. Thoughts. Emotions. Body. World.

MS Energise can help you manage your fatigue better. It consists of seven modules, each with a section I which you will learn some new information, a section in which you will interact with this new knowledge, and a section in which you will apply what you have learnt. 

MS Energise provides a comprehensive coverage of multiple factors that contribute to MS-related fatigue. In MS Energise, we discuss the differences between fatigue and just being tired, and looks at the way that our behaviour, thoughts, emotions, bodily factors, and the world around us can all contribute to fatigue. Finally, when you're making effective use of the many self-management techniques in MS Energise,  we look at how to maintain these gains into the future.

As you work through the content, each module contains information to Learn, ways to Interact with these ideas, and tools to Apply them in your day-to-day life.


In each Learn section you learn about factors that can influence MS fatigue. 

As you work your way through the app a combination of information, animations and videos will help you identify potential factors that are important for you.


In these parts of the app you will have the opportunity to record your fatigue and energy levels.

You will also be able to create logs of your sleep, activity levels, emotions and thoughts related to your fatigue. This will help you identify patterns that may influence your fatigue.

Your recordings are saved in handy records that you can access at any time.


In this section you will apply the knowledge you have learnt from the learn and interact sections. You will create diaries and set yourself some goals that will ultimately help you manage your fatigue more effectively. You can set yourself reminders for quality rest and activity levels.

The differences between MS Energise and other MS mobile applications

  • Based on a clinically proven approach, focus on MS fatigue, developed for and by MS patients, collaboration between multiple research organisations and groups
  • Based on a clinically proven approach and developed in collaboration with multiple research organisations, groups, and MS clinicians
  • Unique in it’s specific focus on MS fatigue
  • Designed specifically for and in partnership with people with MS. 

MS Energise Research Team

  • Prof Paula Kersten - University of Brighton
  • A/Prof Duncan Babbage - AUT University
  • Dr Kirsten van Kessel - AUT University
  • Ann Sezier - AUT University
  • Dr Sarah Thomas - Bournemouth University
  • Prof Peter Thomas - Bournemouth University

In Collaboration With

  • AUT Ventures
  • Centre for Learning and Teaching - AUT University
  • KiwiNet
  • MEA Mobile


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